August 18, 2020

Welcome to episode 3 of our 3 part podcast series, “Racial Equity in the fight against COVID-19”. We hope you have enjoyed our last 2 podcasts and were able to benefit from the valuable insight provided by our guests. Once again our project, titled "Racial Equity in the Fight Against COVID-19", highlights the need for the collection of race-based COVID-19 data in order to improve the health outcomes of marginalized communities, particularly for Black communities. This podcast pertains to the lessons we can learn from the experiences of marginalized communities during COVID-19. A unique and important perspective is offered when looking at how the government's actions in response to COVID-19 have worked in communities that have been long overlooked. We speak about how we can learn from the effectiveness of previous policies put in place in marginalized communities to guide the implementation of future policies and hone in specifically on what is and isn’t working. Protecting all Canadians from this disease and those to come requires action from the government that encompasses all communities across the country, especially those most vulnerable. Overall through this podcast, we can examine the final steps that can be taken to alleviate the effects of the pandemic on the marginalized and the lessons the Canadian government can take moving forward. 

Special Guest:

Our special guest for this episode is Liben Gebremiakel, who is the executive director of TAIBU community health centre. He will be providing us with his unique insight on the comparisons of low-income neighbourhoods and the next steps/lessons the Canadian government can take from this pandemic.


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